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Podcast Production


We can help you with podcast production every step of the way, from concept development, presenter recruitment, pre-production (hiring guests, writing scripts, music), recording, editing and publishing the podcast to all the major streaming platforms.


Although based in Cardiff, south Wales, we can help you with your podcast anywhere across Wales, the UK and beyond. Podcasts are a great way to promote your brand by hosting an engaging story or conversation, are listened to in record numbers around the world, and can reach audiences that are otherwise unreachable, particularly in younger age groups.

GC Media is currently ran by founder Greg, but he works with a wider group of trusted producers and talent.

Our Podcasts

After working on podcasts such as 'Richard Parks: Antarctica' and 'The Inside Track', we were commissioned by YesCymru to make 'You Yes Yet?', a podcast aiming to normalise the conversation surrounding Welsh independence by chatting about it with well-known Wales-based people.

We were responsible for the project from top to bottom, including idea development, social media strategy, guest booking, production and hosting. We worked closely with YesCymru to promote the podcast to their existing audience as well as help grow it.